Our Discovery Island

Our Discovery Island

Our Discovery Island

Our Discovery Island

Where learning is an adventure!

Welcome to Our Discovery Island, a four-level primary series that engages children in 21st century learning. Inspire every one of your students to learn English!


Our Discovery Island…


Online adventures on themed islands develop the cognitive, emotional, and social skills of the whole learner


Links to daily life through cross-curricular connections and authentic texts immerse students in English

Gets Results:

Guided communication, collaboration, fun characters, and engaging stories motivate learners and make learning English more exciting than ever

Our Discovery Island is a groundbreaking new primary course that makes learning English an exciting and engaging experience.

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the Student's Book
Browse through
the Student's Book
Browse through
the Student's Book
Browse through
the Student's Book


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Course components for the Pupils

Pupil’s Book
- includes student’s access code to a unique Online Game – safe, engaging, highly-motivating environment for practising target language

Activity Book
- includes a CD-ROM with interactive exercises, games and puzzles, songs and chants from the Pupil’s Book to be used in class and at home

Course components for the classroom use

- contains 4 episodes focusing on the topics and language of two units, song presentations and animated stories

- contains 62 flashcards per level to present, practise and consolidate language through games and activities

Story Cards
- consists of A4 cards with teaching notes, activities and the audioscript for the story frame

- contains 3 posters for each level to provide a new context for communication

Teacher’s Book
- Includes step-by-step lesson plans, recommended procedures for games, stories and DVD, evaluation sheets, photocopiable resources and access code for online game and students’ Progress Review System

Active Teach
- A digital version of the paper book – a rich, multimedia experience that will keep students motivated. Uploaded to a computer, it provides a digital version of all of the pages in the Pupil’s Book and Activity Book
- Students can zoom text, pictures and exercises, and access the class audio programme, DVD content, digital story cards and posters


Learn phonics with fun!
Our Discovery Island Phonic Tricksters App is a fun, innovative and immerive Augmented Reality chase game to test the students' knowledge of English phonics.

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Our Discovery Island Online World

The adventure continues online!

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The online world of Our Discovery Island enhances the lessons from the coursebook so that children can extend their learning outside of class. The online world environment gives them a chance to play, explore, create, and interact in English in a SAFE digital environment that children are naturally drawn to. Teachers can monitor how little explorers progress with their quests and tasks.