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From Innovative Teaching to the Wider World!


Pearson Serbia and Akronolo cordially invite you to the teaching training seminar “From Innovative Teaching to the Wider World“.

Join us in a city nearest to you.









Regionalni centar, Balkanska 63, V sprat

11:30 PM

12:00 – 14:40

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Regionalni centar, Pariske komune bb

10:00 AM

10:30 – 13:10

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Novi Sad

Fakultet za pravne i poslovne studije“Dr Lazar Vrkatić”, Bulevar oslobođenja 76


14:30 – 17:10

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Kolarac, Studentski trg 5

11:30 AM

12:00 – 14:40

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Rob Dean

Rob has been involved in ELT as a teacher, director of studies and teacher trainer since 1994. During this time, he has taught a wide variety of ages and levels in numerous countries in Europe and South East Asia, and is currently based in Poland. Rob has taught a wide variety of course types, from primary to adult, including exam preparation, EAP and English for business and professional purposes. He has numerous interest areas within the world of ELT, including teaching young learners, teaching with technology, language and culture and task based learning. Rob now works as an independent international teacher trainer and academic consultant, and travels widely delivering talks, workshops and seminars – as well as online webinars - to teachers all over the world. Over the years, Rob has covered a wide range of topic areas including methodology, language, practical teaching ideas, classroom management, motivation of learners and blended learning to name but a few.





Session 1 – Developing Real Communication in the Teenage Classroom

Coffee break

Session 2 – Learn to Read; Read to Learn1001 Things to do with a Text



Make a World of Difference 

Developing Real Communication in the Teenage Classroom

What does the future hold for our teenage learners? What careers will they follow? Where will they travel? Who will they communicate with? It may be difficult to answer these questions precisely, but we can make some educated guesses about the kind of linguistic needs they will have. This session will consider ways of providing a solid foundation for effective communication in the wide world of their future, with a focus on naturalness, authenticity, 21st Century Skills and cultural awareness. The session will feature material including BBC video clips from the new teenage course from Pearson : "Wider World".


Learn to Read; Read to Learn

1001 Things to do with a Text

For many learners, reading is one of the less appealing aspects of language study. This session will showcase ways of bringing the reading skill to life in class, and look at ways in which we can develop the reading skill as well as use reading as a springboard to other areas of language development. This will be a highly practical session aiming to provide a variety of ready made activities to take away and use with any text.


Participants will receive:

  • Welcome pack including Wider World 1 student’s book
  • Certificate of attendance



Register for the seminars by choosing the most convenient way to you:

  • Call Pearson Akronolo office: 011 301 88 38
  • Send a text message or email to your Pearson representative:

Milan Miletić, Southern, South – Western and Eastern Serbia, M: 063306246, E:

Darko Sibinovski, Vojvodina, Belgrade and Western Serbia, M: 063650027, E:

Tamara Stošić, Central Serbia, M: 063650081, E:

Marina Mudrenović, M: 063370148, E:


Registration closes on 30th April.


We look forward to seeing you soon!