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Having your competence in English confirmed by an international certificate is becoming increasingly important for any career or application for higher education. Passing an exam at a certain level is also a key factor in motivating students to continue their education.

Pearson English Exams are recognised by thousands of international institutions and are tailored to the needs of both students and universities or employers, in order to provide reliable information on the learner’s competence in the English language.

Exams in Serbia

PTE Young Learners is a 4-level exam system for learners between the ages of 6 and 13. It has been designed to be interesting and fun for children and aims to make their first experiences of learning English memorable and motivating. The test is created around situations from pupils’ everyday lives.


PTE General is a globally recognised exam designed to reward positive achievement in English language learning. It is based on everyday situations and covers all four skills areas, which are verified at six levels of proficiency.


PTE Academic is a leading computer-based academic English language test for international study.


LCCI – the most widely recognised and most highly regarded business-related qualification in the world. It requires from learners a proficient level of English in speaking and writing.


The Versant English Placement Test is an advanced and fully automated test for reliable evaluation of English competence. The test is used by academic institutions, private language schools, and corporate training programs



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